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"Car Ownership for Women"
By Dani Ben-Ari

"CAR OWNERSHIP for Women" helps you buy right, stay safe, and extend the life of your car. In the first chapter, "Car Buying," assessing needs, wants, and means sets the stage for more effectively negotiating with dealers, at auctions, and on the Internet. Financing tips include selecting the best terms, lenders, and making the right ownership choices. In the second chapter, "Car Safety," etiquette when signaling, parking, and driving are demonstrated in a way that enables smartly managing the hazards associated with today's driving conditions. Handling breakdowns resulting from failure of the car's wheels, engine, and transmission save lives and money. In the third chapter, "Car Maintenance," care of the car's interior, exterior, and its engine are explained. A wise maintenance care program can easily extend the life of the car. Materials, storage space, devices, body, tires, windows, fluids, fuel, and engine performance are highlighted in ways you might have otherwise ignored.

Price in paperback is $8.50 per book. Coming Soon: Electronic E-Book Version.

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