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"Girls Go Racing: Driving to Esteems"
By Dani Ben-Ari & Susan Frissell"

"Most kids only dream of driving a racecar...
And some kids do."

Paperback (6x9) - $11.20 ISBN: 9781449007386

The purpose of this book is to help girls (and their families) understand the sport of auto racing, what it entails for young girls who express an interest in getting involved, how racing is a viable career option for young women and finally, how involvement in the sport of auto racing builds much needed self esteem.

In Chapter 1 Why Are Girls Racing we explore the psychology of self-esteem building and how involvement in motor sports plays a factor, defining one’s identity and the concept of competitiveness.

In Chapter 2 Who Are Girls Racing we explore the historical perspective of the sport of auto racing, present some past experiences of young women involved in motorsports and introduce readers to some of the famous female pioneers in the field. We also profile several of the up-and-coming female drivers who have made the field of motor sports a career. The potential for young women in auto racing is also discussed.

In Chapter 3 How Are Girls Racing we take a look at how one learns competitiveness, as well as at training facilities and scholarships and grants available.

In Chapter 4 Where Are Girls Racing we explain all the various racing events from competitions for young kids, stepping stone events to further racing opportunities, and all the venues in racing, from go-karts to Formula 1 racecars as well as at the “sport” of professional racing.

In addition, Girls Go Racing includes a helpful Glossary of motor sport terms.

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